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No good

I would like my money back. This is a glorified Notes. Please refund.

for those who love poems

you are poet and you love poems then this app is for you. this app is an easy way to make and share your poems to each others. if you are not poet, just try this and see how it brings you fun

for poet lover

amazing app for poet lovers, where we can share and learn from each others. U should take a rating system for poem via the interest of users.

Good App

An app that helps and inspires writers of poetry. It definitely makes you want to write more.

Awesome app

As a poet myself, this app is incredibly useful for me. If you are a poet or creative then you must get this


The best contest app. My kids are very happy to write lyrics. Thanks to developers!

Like it

Your a poet and you know.... It. Lol

Not bad!

Great for people who like poetry!

Great little app for poets!

I'm not much of a poet, But I know I can rap. So listen to the beat, And you'll know where I'm at. This app isn't bad, Just like you, baby! You're making me horny And I'm going all crazy.

Take notes

On the go


a good tool

Good enough

It's good enough for me, would love some Dropbox integration doe tho


it is a good app for people who like English.U can see poems made by other people. u can also see battles between two people and vote for the better. it also has a good UI.


By using this awesome app, you can write your poems and share them to your friends via facebook.

good app

really godd app for poem lovers


It's a very nice poetry app. Worth a look to read or write

Great for poets

I can only talk about the design, cause I'm not a poet. It's very well done and the functionality it's good.

Great app

Great app! I'd wish my rhimes where as good as the app :)))

Lost my work.

Update deleted about half of my poems. I worked hard on these so I'm very sad about this. I would have been better off using a notebook.


I like it but can you please make an update for a passcode lock? This way nobody can read our poems/writings. Thanks!

Like it!

Cool app, seems to find good rhymes and has some cool features. Would be better with thesaurus.

Nice app

I like this app. It has a few things to help you finish your poems. Overall, it is something I plan to use for awhile.

Needs work

Nice concept, good workflow, but crashes too much for me to actually get anything done

Awesome App!

Love the app! Super-easy to use and has everything you need for the poet-buff in you! Better than any of the other rhyme-ing apps out there. I love the buzz to-copy-a-word-to-your-poem feature (thats neat) as well as the ability to post your poem on friends walls on Facebook. Haven't tried the IPad version but am eager to see it. This could be REALLY useful as an integration to a word-processing app.

Sweet app

I just want to sync between my iPad and iPhone!

Great app

Great for poets songwriters and rappers. I've been lookin for an offline Rhyme dictionary for a long time, I finally found this. Worth the money.

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